My nature career has been splendid and long.

It started with wiggly tadpoles, summit-seeking ladybugs, and the smell of freshly turned earth in the warmth of May. Then it expanded into bright orange autumn leaves held up to the sun, secret nests of garter snake eggs under the porch stoop, and yellow stains applied artistically to the knees of blue jeans with the rich heads of dandelions. Pretty soon, it was feisty blue-speckled crayfish in the creek at the bottom of the hill, bats that darted hectic messages across the evening clouds, and the sleepy summer rhythm of cicadas and crickets.

It evolved into the eerie aquatic-sounding love songs of Rocky Mountain elk, the raspy laughs of playful ravens, and the metallic scent of sun-warmed granite with bright white veins of pure quartz. After that, it was nothing but the nickel-coated rush of nearby lightning strikes and the miniature alpine bouquets that clung to the summits of 14ners along the Continental Divide. (Occasionally, the warp-speed joy of a snowy couloir glissade and the sublime peace of napping in the all-together on a basalt heat sink as thick and wide as a dark grey Ferrari.)

These days, it’s drinking in the elegantly blended perfumes of wild clover, lupine, and rose along the Columbia River and tracking acrobatic lizards through cities of bunch grass while golden eagles carve lazy half circles in the sky. Sometimes, it’s absorbing the thunder of hundred-foot waterfalls while dangling bootless toes in frigid spring melt. Recently, it was tickling my nose with the sulfurous fumes of a geothermal kitchen atop a Cascadian volcano.

16 thoughts on “Backstory

  1. Hi!

    I just had to drop by your blog after reading your comment on the —- forum about the ‘elevator’ and law of attraction.

    It was funny. It was evocative. It was AWESOME.

    You’re a wicked writer. I’ve been making my living as a writer for over 10 years so it’s a true joy for me to stumble upon someone whose prose can totally reel me in.

    Simple pleasures, huh? 😉

    That’s all really – I suppose this is nothing more than an electronic ‘high-5’ – but I just thought you should know someone out there totally dug your post. 🙂

    Keep it rizzle!

  2. I’ve really appreciated the long and detailed and very helpful and encouraging comments you’ve been giving me on my blog about addiction. So I had to come and see who you were. I love the way you write about nature here, which has been a huge source of joy in my own life too. I write about the nature stuff in another blog “Living on the edge of the Wild.” I created the addiction blog recently to keep my story and angst about my son more private (anonymous), more for his sake than mine. Anyway, i’ll be looking more around your site here (which looks awesome BTW), as I continue my journey with my son.

    • How nice of you to drop by, thank you.

      Ain’t nature grand? It saved my life so many times over the years. I look forward to being on property like yours soon, cuddled by green and rock and water.

      I’ve thought about doing an anonymous blog, too, and might undertake it if only to document my progress for myself on something that, by its very nature, I’ve been moving through alone.

      PS: Your favorite quote struck a chord since, when a girl, I came up with “Where things meet, there are worlds.”

  3. I’m so glad I discovered your blog! The word pictures you paint are incredibly real. Your writing style, so infused with your delightfully wry sense of humor, makes me wish you’d write more. Your excellent grasp of the English language satiates the needs of my inner Grmmar Nazi! You rock!

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