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  1. This is simply gorgeous photography. When I was 21 way back in 1971, my best friend and I rode our 10-speed bikes from Vancouver Canada down Hwy 101 to Ensenada, Mexico. When we were riding through Arcata, CA I saw a sign pointing off into the redwoods that said “Humboldt State University” and I thought, When I’m ready to go back to school that’s where I’ll go. Several years later I did just that and the Pacific Northwest has remained a very special place since then. Now that I’ve been in Indiana for the past 25 years, your pictures are all the more poignant. Keep up the wonderful endeavor.

    • What a sweet comment, thank you. I admire your focus, picking out a goal and manifesting it. That bike ride must have been epic.

      I rescued a couple thru-bikers in a storm on the Oregon coast a few years back. Biking Tip: When the horizontal rain tips you over as you ride, you say Yes to the nice lady with the truck.

      • Bless you abundantly, kiddo. Just to give you an idea of what times were like back then, we got stopped one afternoon by a California Highway Patrol officer at one point north of Big Sur and I casually leaned my bike up against a sign that stated “No bicycles, pedestrians, or motor-driven cycles” while he questioned us. We told him we had left Vancouver and were on our way to Ensenada. He gave us his business card and wrote his home phone number on it and said, ‘Call me when you’re ready to call it an evening. You’ll be in our neck of the woods. My wife can fix you a home-cooked meal and we can put you up for the night.’ I think those days are gone for the most part, but the memories still bring a warm glow when I think of them.

        • Oh, I assure you days like that are not gone. You get what you radiate.

          One time, I took a long drive down the coast and met a nice older couple at an overlook. She was a retired cop, he worked for the city. They invited me to stay at their place on the coast whenever I wanted, they had their retirement house built so that the entire basement was an independent apartment to accommodate guests. I had Thanksgiving with them that year.

    • That’s very sweet and I appreciate the hat tip.

      You know, I looked into those awards and discovered that they had a chain letter/pyramid scheme structure to them. As I refrain from all things chain–chain mail, chain gangs, chain letters–I’ll decline, but thank you for thinking of me.

  2. Hey you wrote a comment on my blog yesterday and I took it the wrong way. I thought you were insulting me rather than being serious and complimenting me haha. Sorry for any confusion.

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