New digs!

hiking roomWell, it’s official, my hiking website has finally gotten too big for it’s britches. Maybe that’s why all my Columbia zip-off pants have elastic waistbands?

No, actually I’ve simply expanded All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors into more comfortable quarters–four of them, to be exact. I opened up four more WordPress blogs and assigned a hiking year (or years) to each one. You see, I still have nearly a hundred adventures to post from the last eight years and I just plumb ran out of storage room on this one.spock-funny-blogging-meme

If the numbering of the new blogs has you scratching your head and reaching for a beer, here’s the lowdown: this original blog address has been linked to a lot of professional sites, mags, and GPS apps now (famous!) so it’s just easier to leave those particular posts where they are and move the other ones around them. Thus, this historic first blog will forever be unnumbered in its title to preserve its purity. Mine was lost long ago.blogging

Now, get nosy and check out the other sites, they’re all just a click away in the top menu bar by year. I’ll be posting to all five as the muse strikes. Muses have a strong swingin’ arm.